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Princess D,,Annam Resort and Spa is a fantastic place to stay and ideal to relax with friendly professional service. We booked 3 days and added 2 more nights. The service is perfect. The food is great. We enjoyed ...
- Reiner -
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Spanning 1,800 square meters and overlooking the ocean with its century-old lighthouse is the PRINCESS D'ÂN-NAM Spa.

Built around an unusual inner courtyard with intimately spaced corridors and mysterious alcoves, whose cloistered trail reminds one of a oriental town, it’s the ideal refuge for weary bodies. Complementing its beauty are assuaging sounds and soothing fragrances, a temple of wellness where sernity reigns.

Ten individual treatment rooms, divided into separate sections for male and female ensure, utmost privacy. And if you’d like to enjoy a massage for just the two of you, with a view of the breathtalking ocean, two VIP Suites with Jacuzzis tailored for couples will bring you precious moments of romance. These unique rooms are also available for the night.

Skilled hands will restore your spirits with Asia’s secret soothing ingredients: honey, cloves, coconut oil, golden yellow turmeric, aloe vera and ylang ylang, each treatment personalized to your individual requirement.

PRINCESS D'ÂN-NAM's royal spa treatments await, from gentle herbal detoxification treatments to anti-aging facials.


Other than made-to-order pampering, this haven offers you the pleasure of whiling away time in the relaxing shade of the salon.

After all, life’s best salve is rest in tranquil surroundings.