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We had a relaxed trip at Princess Villa of Princess D’Annam. This is a new and nicely decorated villa with small pool. The service is very good and caring to hotel guest. We went there during public holidays but the ...
- Mr. Nam Nguyen -
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Body Care: Wrap

Be pampered with Princess secret garden selections using only natural fresh local fruits &   ingredients.
After Sun Cucumber Body Wrap

On the sea shore getting sunburned is not an uncommon matter. In such condition Cucumber is ideal for cooling, soothing and rejuvenating sun damaged and tormented skin.
Dragon Fruits Indulgence
Awaken your spirit, feel the softness of the skin after our very special home made body therapy from dragon fruit. Deep nourishing properties, high antioxidant vital for the control of free radicals, astringent & vitamin C to tone the skin.
Mineral Mud Mask
Complete your exclusive beauty experience with a special body care from mineral mud mask. The result includes improved health, increased energy vitality and a reduction in toxin and chemical build up.
Healing Herbal
Specially designed from selected ground Vietnamese herbs to promote blood circulation, remove tension & tired muscle. Recommended for flu & cold weather.
Mixed Tropical Fruits & Yoghurt Body Splash
An extravagance refreshing body care from highly selected Vietnamese tropical fruits extremely rich in vitamins to refresh & nourish the skin. Recommended to improve complexion, prevent skin dryness & formation of wrinkles.
50 minutes                              USD 72