Top Ways to get BE (Blue Essence) in League of Legends on New Account

Since its release, blue essence (BE) has been widely used in the League of Legends’ marketplace. Along with Riot points, Blue Essence is the main currency in the game. It is a primary currency because you can get many items in the game using BE. Many of these items are essential to have, like champions. Other than champions, there are many things you can buy with Blue Essence which we will cover in our article shortly. But there are also various ways to acquire BE, which may interest you more. So here are the easiest ways to get BE and things you can buy with Blue Essence.

What is Blue Essence in League of Legends

In short, blue essence is the main currency in League of Legends. Released in Season 2016, BE has been the main source of buying a high percentage of the League of Legends marketplace items. This means that you can buy champions and items, such as summoner spells, champion skins, some wards, a proper craft shop, and others. Note that these are all in-game stuff so you cannot buy anything in physical with Blue Essence. However, it is a very important and powerful currency in the game since it is the primary currency to buy necessary items in the game.

Why Blue Essence Is Important

Blue Essence is an in-game currency that you can acquire for any reason. If you are new to the League of Legends, the main reason to get Blue Essence for you is probably to buy champions. It would be very important for you to get Blue Essence so that you can buy more champions and start practicing with them to learn the game faster and better. On the other hand, if you are not a new player and have been playing LoL for a significant amount of time, you may want to buy the new content that is coming with the next patch. Obviously, you would need to have to BE to get those contents. So Blue Essence is not only for buying champions and it can be very important for a player at any level in the game. In addition, Riot points are not very efficient to buy in-game stuff, so you should consider using Blue Essence in the long term even if you use Riot points occasionally.

Easy Ways to Acquire BE

There are a couple of top ways to get BE in LoL:

Transactions and TR (Trade-in) 

Perhaps the easiest way to get Blue Essence is to trade in items you do not need anymore. But surely, you will need to be experienced to do this. New players will not be able to do this since they do not have many items to trade as they have recently started the game and their level would be low. But if you have items to trade, as long as you trade in an item, it will give you Blue Essence. But you need to make sure that you make your plan well about which item is not really useful to you and you would like to trade-in, get rid of it. 

Leveling Up

This is not really a fast way to get more Blue Essence, but it certainly is one of the top ways to get BE. The reason is in this method, to get BE you only have to play the game. Especially if you are a new player, this will benefit you more since the more you play the better you will learn the game as you will practice the game more. Also, as you play the game you will get experience and level up. In every level, you will get a certain amount of BE which you can go to the store and buy a champion that you would like to play and practice more. 


Events in League of Legends are not always available to play. But when they are, they usually give many rewards when you play them. Events are usually very creative and fun to play and plus you can win many Blue Essence playing with them. Make sure to follow Riot’s announcements on special days to play such events and win BE.

Missions and First Win of the Day

Getting the first win and missions are the most popular ways to get BE in League of Legends. There are missions assigned to you for a certain amount of time. Some of these missions reward you with Blue Essence and they are not really that hard to complete.

Apart from missions, Riot rewards you with 50 Blue Essence for your first win of the day. This reward might seem small, but if you are a player who is playing League of Legends continuously the number might sum up to good numbers after a while.

Things You Can Buy with BE

Now we know the top ways of getting Blue Essence in LoL, let’s review the things you can buy with BE.

The most important stuff you can buy with BE is champions. Many players in LoL are trying to get all the champions so they can have the full knowledge of the game and proceed to become professional players. If you are a beginner player, you should buy champions with your first BE’s so you will have a better knowledge of champions and when a champion that you know comes to you as an opponent, you will have a better chance to counter him. There is also an option to buy league accounts that come with lots of BE and 40 or even more champions.

Apart from buying champions, here is a list of what you can do with Blue Essence:

  • Change your summoner name
  • Buy Hextech Crafting mystery champion shards
  • Buy Rune Pages
  • Upgrade your Champion Mastery
  • Buy other exclusive stuff

Even if you are not a beginner, Blue Essence can be important for you. There are many things you can buy with it as it is the main currency of the game. If you are planning to get exclusive content, you definitely will need to have BE in your account.

Master A Champion In LoL

            Each league of legends player has their favorite champion. It might be the first champion they were good at. Perhaps it is a champion with the most fun skill set or maybe they just like the theme and aesthetic so much that it just makes it worth playing every time.
Out of such simple preference, a dream of mastery is born. After playing the same champion for hundreds if not thousands of times you would expect yourself to be good at it. Obviously playing a champion does not guarantee to be good at it. League of Legends is filled with Yasuos, Rivens, and Zeds who play their favorite champion each day and yet they struggle to improve. How do you master a champion then?